Guests Participation

As photo and video professionals Bright Bride is aiming for the best possible shots.
At no time we are going to inconvenience the guests and we are happy to tread that thin line, between getting the best possible pictures, being in the front line and being invisible at the same time.
At certain moments, we would like to have the first take at the events. The second shooters may need some room too.
We don’t ask for exclusivity. We try to stay out of each other’s way also, but at certain moments we need to be in the thick of it, with nothing between us and our subject.
No two weddings are the same. All couples are unique when it comes to weddings, happy go lucky, or control freaks, not many know it before hand.
Once you know what you want, a note to the guests in regards to what you expect from them, before the wedding or at the wedding, can make a big difference, clearly visible in the final result.
In particular, at the the church or in a temple, you may want to keep a certain atmosphere. Cameras, phones, tablets jumping in the frame at the wrong time may steal a very beautiful photo.
When the bride is walking down the isle, or when the groom gets to kiss his bride, we would like a clear view.
All in all, if you are aware of and OK with spontaneous photography, we will always find a way to do our best.