Contracts and the small print.

A photo or video services contract usually includes:
A. Details of the parts involved, Photographer and Client;
B. Time and Location of photography or video services;
C. Price of services, booking or retainer fee, end of balance due date;
D. Description and Delivery of services;
E. Terms and Conditions – Clauses: Rescheduling, Cancellation, Liability, Copyright, Model Release, Permits, Venue Limitations, Safety, Travel Expenses, Artistic License, Exclusivity, etc.

This is a summary, not an exhaustive list of contract stipulations, not an actual contract.

Please CONTACT me for your personalized copy ;-).
Read it, and I will gladly have a down to earth, open conversation about it.
Some fear that I might not show up or do a poor job.
My biggest fear is that I will not impress you enough.
Rest assured, I realize the importance of your event and I will be there come hell and high water, and will also do a fantastic job.